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In recent years, Vietnamese art has exploded onto the international cultural scene, especially in Europe and Asia. Set amidst a crossroad of eastern and western influences Vietnamese art portrays the exotic and nostalgic aura of simple life while capturing a spiritual depth and passionate intensity.

Mandala Art Gallery travels to alleyways and villages of Vietnam, and collaborates with artists in the United States, to bring you the highest caliber of original, contemporary artwork. Each piece is selected by the partners of the gallery to accentuate the vast diversity of contemporary Asian art. Mandala Art Gallery is committed to promoting the appreciation and uniqueness of contemporary Asian Art.

Mandala Art Gallery shares our collection via the internet, exhibitions, and private showings throughout the Bay Area in your home, gallery or place of business. Commissioned work can also be arranged by request. Please contact us for more information.

Daily Grind
by Ha Huynh My
16x20, Oil on Canvas, framed, $500
I'll Fly with You
by Nguyen Duy Thai
15x20, oil on canvas, framed, $500
Stairway to Heaven
by Le Minh
25x31, oil on canvas, framed, $500
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